Hamilton Beach Air Purifier 04383 Allergen Reducing Ultra Quiet Cleaner

Hamilton Beach air purifier is an excellent investment that can make a significant difference in the air quality inside a home, office or workshop.

If you need an air purifier for a small or medium-sized room, the Hamilton Beach 04383 allergen reducing purifier will be a good choice.

Hamilton Beach air purifiers are among best available on the market. There are many brands of air purifiers available online today, and many of them perform well. Hamilton Beach has a record of dependability that goes back decades.

As there are plenty dust and allergens in the air, it’s no wonder that many people get sick. People have problems with allergies through the whole year, not just at spring time.

Now there’s a smarter way to deal with allergies besides carrying tissues and allergy pills everywhere you go.

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With a permanent, 99% HEPA-grade filter, the Hamilton Beach 04383 cleanses the air in your home without the added costs and hassle of replacement ...
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Permanent HEPA-grade filter

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16.5" L x 11" W x 8.2" H

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That is good reason to get air purifier which will successfully clean air for fresher and healthier life.

Finding a good price and an efficient air cleaner is no easy task. There is also another problem to consider. What happens when it’s time to shell out cash for hard-to-find replacement filters?

That will not be a factor with Hamilton Beach air purifier 04383. Its uses permanent HEPA filter which doesn’t need replacement.


Hamilton Beach Air Purifier Review

Using Hamilton Beach TrueAir Compact Pet Air Purifier, you will get cleaner air by filtering out up to 99 percent of impurities with an HEPA-grade filter.

With its compact design, it can be put in any room. It looks very stylish and will blend in any decor.

It uses permanent HEPA-grade filter which removes airborne allergens. The filter can be vacuumed, and no filter replacements are needed to buy.

You can choose from three-speed settings. On low-speed, the fan can barely be heard. At the low-speed, the quiet hum is actually a rather pleasing sound. It is called “white noise.” Many people find it relaxing.

Medium is like a normal fan noise and is not bothersome at all. High fan speed is little louder.

Many users may find it best to set the fan at its lowest speed and leave Hamilton Beach air purifier running all the time. For quicker effect or when the air seems stale, turn it up to medium or high for a while.

There’s no doubt that the noise is more noticeable at higher speeds, but it isn’t so annoying.

I bought two of these, and they work great. They catch all kinds of pollutants and are easy to clean. The air in my apartment smelled fresh, and they are quiet.

I have allergies and am frequently nursing a runny nose, so quality air purifiers are a must for me and help alleviate my issues. Great items highly recommended.


Hamilton Beach air purifier 04383 can be placed on its side or put straight up based on personal preference.

The filter is easy to remove and clean. The material surrounding the filter is a bit sturdier as it is just thin cardboard. Because of that, you have to be careful not to damage it when cleaning.

Use the brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner when doing maintenance of air purifier filter and you will be okay.

As already mentioned, this air purifier uses a permanent filter. What does that mean? It means you will not have to buy new filter after some time. Ever.

It is sufficient to vacuum it from time to time (recommended every six months) to make sure there is no dust and other different debris.

You’ll save money and  hassle of searching for the right new filter.

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Now I need to clarify difference between True HEPA Filter and HEPA-Grade filter which this air cleaner uses.

A True HEPA filter is rated to filter a minimum of 99.97% of all particles larger than 0.3 microns. It’s a government standard set by the Department of Energy (DOE).

HEPA-TYPE or HEPA-Grade filters filter 99% of particles larger than 3.0 microns.

Good filter and easy to clean. We have been running this for over a year now and have had no issues. This has also helped my wife who has slight allergies.


Some researchers say that the most harmful particles fall into the 0.3 to 0.9-micron size range, well below the 3.0-micron filter capability. So its allergen removal success comes into question.

Hamilton Beach True Air purifier can effectively treat the air in a room up to 160 square feet. It is ideal for small, medium-sized rooms and even larger ones.

The filter will remove airborne allergens and leave the room cleaner. You can always buy more than one Hamilton Beach air purifier if you need to cover more space.

It comes with affordable price and permanent filter so you shouldn’t have big costs.

This has been a lifesaver. I bought this for my boyfriend as he has had trouble breathing in our master bedroom lately because of his asthma.

Since this came in, he has been able to breathe, and therefore sleep, soundly. Even the highest setting isn’t too loud and bothersome. I’m so glad I found this.


Hamilton Beach 04383  doesn’t have an ionizer. Ionizers work to some degree, but studies didn’t show they make much difference.

Hamilton Beach 04383 Allergen Reducing Purifier

Air flows in through the front of the unit and comes out at the top (when set horizontally). Air goes through the side when set upright. Despite not having Energy Star Rated Certificate, you shouldn’t notice any significant increase on your electric bill.

Hamilton Beach Air Purifier Features

  • HEPA filter captures 99% of dander and airborne particles as small as 3 microns
  • Quiet and compact
  • Offers powerful air-cleaning performance
  • Permanent filter never needs replacing
  • Easy-care, permanent filter can be vacuumed
  • Adequate performance for small to medium-sized rooms
  • Works horizontally or vertically
  • Three speeds: set on high for the fastest cleaning, medium for all-day use or low when extra quiet is needed
  • Compact dimensions: 8.5”L x 6” W x 13.5” H
  • Backed by a one-year warranty (additional year can be bought for $3.99)




Hamilton Beach Air PurifierPROS and CONS


  • Priced at $49 this is one of the cheapest purifiers
  • Relatively quiet on all 3 fan speed settings
  • Uses permanent filter
  • Decent coverage area


  • Only 1 year warranty
  • Limited in ability to clean common air pollutants
  • No ACH and CADR ratings

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Hamilton Beach 04383 FAQ

1. Does it have a light that indicates when the filter should be cleaned?

It does not have a light to indicate when it needs to be cleaned.

2. Does this help with pet dander?

It does help with pet dander.

3. Does this purifier have an ionizer?

No, Hamilton Beach 04383 Allergen Reducing Purifier doesn’t have Ionizer.

4. Is this an 110v or 220v input?

It is 110v.

5. Is HEPA filter washable?

No, it is not recommended to wash HEPA filter.

6. Will it help getting rid of smoking odors?

It’s not designed to be an odor removing the device.

Hamilton Beach Replacement Carbon Filter
Hamilton Beach Replacement Carbon Filter
Hamilton Beach Replacement Carbon Filter is specially designed to filter traps and neutralizes pet odors.


Hamilton Beach Air Purifier Review Final Words

Hamilton Beach Hepa True Air Compact pet air purifier is very cheap and affordable. It is no wonder that many buyers decided to give it a chance. You can also buy 2 or even 3 Hamilton Beach to cover more rooms.

This air purifier doesn’t have many features nowadays modern air purifiers have. Like a remote control, ionizer, stand by mode, air quality sensor, scheduler, etc.

If you need more features from the air purifier, then choose some other.

Despite having a permanent filter, it may eventually be necessary to replace carbon or HEPA filter if they get damaged. If you’re looking for a cheap model, then I recommend it as it outclasses other units in this price range.

It can be purchased in white or black color. If you need air cleaner for tiny spaces, which is very cheap too, then you can take a look at Honeywell Platinum 16200 Air HEPA Air Purifier.

7.2 Total Score

This air cleaner, or air purifier, provides cleaner air by filtering out up to 99 percent of impurities with a HEPA-grade filter. With its compact design it can be put in any room, larger ones also. It will also fit great to your home decor as it looks very trendy.

Settings and Options
Coverage Area
Overall Quality
  • It is one of the cheapest purifiers
  • Relatively quiet on all 3 fan speed settings
  • Uses permanent filter
  • Decent coverage area
  • Permanent filter
  • No remote control
  • No stand by mode
  • No air quality sensor
  • No scheduler
  • No ACH and CADR ratings
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  1. Thank you for writing on this Hamilton Beach air cleaner! Well, there is no doubts to the Hamilton Beach products, they are rich in quality and the performance.

  2. Thanks for the true review on this air purifier! There is no doubts to the quality of HB products! Prices are also too affordable!

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