Winix Carbon Filter Pack + Carbon Filters

Buy Winix Carbon filter replacement which PlasmaWave series models WAC5300, WAC5500, WAC6300, 5000, 5000b, 5300, 5500, 6300 and 9000.

Designed & Engineered by Crucial Air in the United States. It containes 1 Winix 115115 Filter and 4 Carbon Filters. It is absolutely essential for allergy sufferers.

The good news, at least at the onset, is that these generic filters for the authentic Winix filters are less expensive and the carbon filters appear to be of the same material/quality as that of the originals.

I bought two pair for my WAC5300 machines, and one of the HEPA-like filters has an extremely tight fit, while the other one slides in and out effortlessly. The material on these filters seems to be identical to the originals, but only time will tell their effectiveness.

My original Winix filters didn’t last a year as advertised (more like 9-10 months), but you could literally see the progression of dust/dirt accumulation over the course of time.

I’ve only had these generics installed for one month, so again time will be the great determinator of how well (or not) they function.Buyer

1 HEPA Air Purifier Filter + 4 Carbon Pre Filters Compatible with Winix Part # 115122, Filter G

Complete HEPA and Carbon Filter Replacement Set Compatible with Winix / PlasmaWave Air Purifier Models: P300, U300, 9500, 9000, 6300, 5300, 5500, 5000, 5000b. Any brand names or ...
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Winix 21C4 Carbon Filters, Set of 4

Winix 21C4 Carbon Filters are compatible with the Winix P300 Air Purifier. This filter set is designed to be replacements for up to one full year and includes four odor-reducing ...
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