Best Hoover Air Purifier With TIO2 Technology WH10600 Review

Hoover air purifier with tio2 technology WH10600 uses three different stages in the filtration process. In first phase air passes through a pre-filter, traveling to a carbon filter to capture odors.

The final stage is HEPA filter where 99.97 % of all airborne allergens are trapped. The pre-filter is washable, making filter replacement only necessary for the true HEPA filter every year or so.

The filter replacement light will indicate when it’s necessary to change the filters. We are very disappointed in Hoover model WH10600 area coverage rate. Only 79 square feet.

Compared to most air purifiers available on the market today, this is very disappointing. Competing products at the same price have an area coverage rate of up to 600 square feet.

Despite its lack of functionality, the Hoover air purifier tio2 technology WH10600 has more bells and whistles than you’ll know what to do with.

You can control the air purifier’s speed to three different levels.

Hoover Air Purifier REVIEW TiO2 Technology - WH10600

Before deciding whether or not this Hoover Air Purifier is right for you there are some things you should know about this particular product in order to help you make a more informed choice when deciding if this is the right appliance for you and your home.

The top-level can rotate the air three times in an hour. A timer is another handy feature that allows you to set the unit to automatically turn on in the future and then automatically switch off when the air is clean.

On the back of the unit is a UV light bulb that eliminates germs and bacteria from your air. Hoover air purifier with tio2 technology is suggested to be used for people who have pets at home.

We bought this because of my wife’s allergies. It is a very nice design and it looks great. She reports of having a better quality of air in the house.

Now I don’t know if that is a placebo effect or really her allergies are better. Either way, even if the placebo effect is helping I would do anything for her.


It is capable of capturing animal dander and odor present in the air effectively. This product helps improve the quality of indoor air through its multiple filtration and air cleaning technologies.


Hoover Air Purifier With TIO2 Technology

One of the things you will need to consider is the size of the room you plan to use Hoover WH10600 air purifier with tio2 technology.

Designed only to clean the air in a 79 square feet area means this air purifier will only clean the air in a room about 8 feet by 10 feet.

While this is adequate to be used in a small bedroom or perhaps bathroom, this appliance simply won’t be suitable for kitchen or living room use.

Unless you plan on using more that one purifier in larger rooms.

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Hoover WH10600 as already mentioned comes with UV bulb which supposedly kills bacteria and germs. No study confirms that. But one is certain.

Even the best UV lights and ionizers produce at least a minute amount of ozone. Ozone levels can build up over time and pose health issues for many people, including making asthma symptoms worse.

We bought this because of my wife’s allergies. It is a very nice design and it looks great. She reports of having a better quality of air in the house.

Now I don’t know if that is a placebo effect or really her allergies are better. Either way, even if the placebo effect is helping I would do anything for her.


Luckily, ionizer on Hoover air purifier with tio2 technology WH10600 can be turned on and off.

This will allow you to run the ionizer when you are not in the room and then shut it off and open a window or provide another source of ventilation to reduce the ozone levels in the room.

The on/off function here gives you the best of both worlds in that it allows you to kill germs and bacteria, reducing the risk of colds and even the flu while enabling you to keep your overall ozone level at safe levels.

Hoover Air Purifier 600 (WH10600)

ntelliSense™ Control System - senses air quality and automatically adjusts fan speed to the appropriate setting for current dust level, so no guessing or manual adjusting is necessary. Also, helps you save energy by always operating at the lowest fan speed needed.

Hoover Air Purifier With TIO2 Technology Features

Its powerful cleaning ability can trap 99.97% of pollens and dust down to 0.3 microns. What you need to do is place the Hoover Air Purifier WH10600 on the ground, plug and select one of three cleaning levels.

The operation is so easy that only a few moves can protect your family from irritants. The multi-stage filtration makes it easy to know when you need to clean it.




As the first line of defense, the Hoover rinsable pre-filter picks up relatively larger particles, such as pet hair and lint. The pre-filter is removable, and you can rinse and replace it. When LED illuminates, it means the HEPA needs to be changed.

Hoover wh10600 true HEPA air purifier comes with remote control. It will allow you to control the purifier up to 25’ away, which gives you freedom to sit in one place dealing with your work, watching TV or reading books without the need to move.

It also works for odor reduction. For someone who is unpleasant with bad odor in the room, the purifier can reduce it. It can quickly remove and absorb odor, such as smoke, pet and so on.


Hoover Air Purifier With TIO2 Technology Additional Features

The Hoover Air Purifier 600 rises to this challenge by including an integrated Intellisense setting which senses air content and manages the fan speed, thus saving energy.

A timer delivers added versatility, something extremely handy because the unit has a habit of fading efficiently into the background. Schedule fan settings and forget the device is working hard to clean the air.

I’ve had this purifier for a couple of months now, and I have to say that I’m entirely happy with my purchase. Not only do I notice that the air quality is much better upon my return, but the auto sensor is amazing!


Buyers had mentioned that LCD panel shows overly bright light. Small coverage area is also an issue for some.

Air purification is a critical issue, one that’s handled with competence by this purifier from Hoover. Additional features include a LED indicator to inform the user it’s time to replace the HEPA filter and quiet operation


Tips For Hoover Air Purifier WH10600 Buyers

The HEPA filter cannot be washed, or it will be destroyed. You can even buy Hoover HEPA replacement, and Hoover gives an introduction about how to change.

I recommend you to vacuum it but not replace it until vacuuming seems to be insufficient. I think the filter is good enough for using at least a year without replacement.

There are three-speed mode levels working for different situations. The low-speed mode level is most suitable for the bedroom for having a good rest with less noise.


In the medium level, there is more air through the unit so the fan runs faster nad could be little louder for some people.

If you are OK with the noise and the air is incredibly terrible, you can turn to high-speed level to clean up your room as soon as possible.


12 Standout Hoover WH10600 Features

  • Captures 99.9% of all airborne particles present in the air
  • Rinsable pre-filter to catch pet hair, lint, and other large particles
  • Titanium Dioxide coated screen boosts UV to help remove airborne particles
  • UV bulb for effective elimination of all germs, microorganism, and bacteria in your indoor air
  • Advance air freshener that fights bad odor and effectively removes it
  • UV/TiO2 that is best used during the flu season
  • IntelliSense Control system that evaluates the quality of air and automatically adjusts the fan speed to the optimal setting for current condition
  • LED filter indicator that reminds you when it’s time to change the filter
  • Remote control that helps you change the settings 25 feet away
  • Guaranteed seven room air shifts in a span of 3 hours
  • Ionizer that releases negative ions to capture airborne particles
  • Timer that can be adjusted depending on how long you want it to work
  • Can operate for more than 24 hours

  • Overview
  • Description
  • Brand/Store
  • Availability
  • User Rating
  • Review
  • Specification
  • CDR: Tobacco Smoke
  • CDR: Dust
  • CDR: Pollen
  • Area Coverage (sqft)
  • Number of Fan Speeds
  • Ionizer
  • UV Bulb
  • HEPA Filter
  • Pre-Filter
  • Energy Star Verification
  • CARB Certified
  • Power Consumption (Watts)
  • Filter Monitor
  • Auto Mode
  • Air Quality Sensor
  • Timer & Scheduler
  • Remote Control
  • Hepa-filter-type
  • Dimensions (inches)
  • Weight (lbs)
  • Other Options
  • Price
  • Noise Level Highest Speed (dB)
  • Noise Level Lowest Speed (dB)
  • Filter Reset
  • Standby Mode
  • Carbon Filter
  • Filters To Change
  • Recommended For
  • Airflow at Highest Speed (CFM)
  • Amount of Air Moved (CFM)


Hoover Air Purifier With TIO2 Technology WH10600 Filters

1. Hoover WH10600 Replacement Filters

2. Hoover WH10600 HEPA Filter


Hoover Air Purifier With TIO2 Technology FAQ

How often do you have to change the Hepa filter?

Frequency will depend on usage and environment.

How will I know it is time to change the filter?

Control screen will tell you when it needs to be changed

Can it be used in regions with voltage system 220V?

You would have to have an adapter to step down from 220 to 110.

Does it have the Energy Star rating?

Yes, it is Energy Star Rated.


Hoover Air Purifier With TIO2 Technology WH10600 Review

Reviews for the Hoover Air Purifier with Ti02 technology are actually quite good especially among users who understand the limitations of this unit.

Some users stated that the indicator lights on this appliance are overly bright, making it difficult for it to be used in a small bedroom. Few others complained that this air purifier is not big enough.

When used in a small room, users did feel that this air purifier made a huge difference in the air quality of the room even stating that the air smelled cleaner.

This is the best Air Purifier I’ve ever used. I’m a smoker, and I use it in the room that I use for smoking. There’s no smoke odor at all! I also like the “auto” function so that it senses how hard to work.


Here are some things that most buyers liked about this air purifier:

  • People with allergies and respiratory disorders including COPD found that this purifier did help them to breathe better
  • The pre-filter catches a lot of pollution and is extremely easy to clean
  • The replacement HEPA filters are reasonably priced
  • The appliance seems to be quite durable even when run 24/7 lasting a year or more


The Hoover air purifier with tio2 technology WH10600 seems to be a useful appliance that meets many people’s needs. But, we also need to take into consideration The Hoover WH10600 air purifier can only clean a 79-square-foot room.

Sure this air purifier has an air quality sensor, automatic mode, remote control, UV light bulb enhancements and a rinsable pre-filter. But if you intended to use an air purifier in larger rooms, look for another one or buy more than one Hoover WH10600.

You could say this is best Hoover air purifier with TIO2 technology for small rooms.

8.1 Total Score

Hoover WH10600 is small compact unit. It has many features newest air purifiers come with. It cleans air efficient and it is not noisy. Biggest disadvantage of this air purifier is his relatively small coverage area.

Coverage Area
Cleaning Performance
Noise Level
Overall Quality
  • Small coverage area
  • The pre-filter catches a lot pollution
  • People with allergies reported it helped
  • Air quality sensor
  • Little pricey
  • Small coverage area
  • Bright led lights cannot be turn off
User Rating: 4 (6 votes)
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