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Do air purifiers help allergy sufferers? We give you the facts from major health authorities.

Air Purifiers & Indoor Air Pollution

Find out the top sources of air pollution in your home.

HEPA Air Purifiers

Learn how HEPA air purifiers work and what pollutants they filter.


We explain what technology is used in air purifiers and what it achieves. Some air purifier tech is actually bad for your health.


We list the major air purifier brands, what technology they use, and a database of models along with any available ratings.


The following resources bring up essential issues you should know in your search for the right product.


Bad indoor air quality can affect your health. We help you understand how air purifiers can realistically help.


Important indoor air quality resources and valuable guides related to air purification.

About Air Purifiers / Reviews

This site was created to present the facts about air purifiers using the most credible studies and insights from health and science authorities.

Responding to consumer needs for clean air, the air purifier market has grown into a massive industry. Unfortunately with market growth often comes the typical exaggerated claims from some manufacturers and distributors in an attempt to sell more products. We want consumers to be armed with all the knowledge they can in order to select a product that will truly meet their needs.

In addition to providing information on hundreds of air purifier models, we also present the testing results from companies like Consumer Reports and the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturer’s Clean Air Delivery Rate program. We also help you understand the pros and cons of these rating systems.

We also explore the most common technology used by air purifier manufacturers to clean the air. We help you understand which technology is most effective at filtering particles, gases, and other common pollutants. We also help you understand which technology is ineffective, and in some cases, actually harmful to your health.

Finally, this site helps you understand the realistic benefits of air purification technology. Some say air purifiers work wonders to cure allergy, asthma and other symptoms. Others say these units are totally ineffective. We clear the air on these issues and help you understand what these products will actually do for you and what they are currently incapable of doing.

As air purification technology advances and new units are released on the market, we will do our best to present up-to-date and accurate information here on our site.

Our hope is that the information we present here will be a help to you in your search for cleaner air and better health.

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