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Holmes Air Purifier Filters For Holmes HEPA Desktop Air Purifier

AER1 Holmes air purifier filters are intended for Holmes HEPA-Type Desktop Air Purifier. Air that you and your family breathe is crucial.

Indoor air may be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air, and most people spend an estimated 90 percent of their time indoors.

Children and the elderly are particularly susceptible to air pollution. Most pollutants are microscopic and can easily pass through the nose or throat directly into the lungs.

Aer1 disposable filters trap and lock up to 99.97% of dust and other harmful airborne allergens before they settle in your home.


Holmes Air Purifier Filters

1. Holmes Booster Filter

Holmes Booster Filter is enhanced with Arm and Hammer Baking Soda to absorb and eliminate odors that come from pets, nurseries, kitchen, garbage, or litter boxes.

It is intended for use with Holmes air purifier models HAP2400, HAP242, HAP412, HAP422, HAP424, HAP1200, HAP706 or HAP716.

Also works on Bionaire purifier models BAP260, BAP815, BAP825, BAP1412, BAP1502, BAP1525, BAP1700 and BAP8500.

Holmes Booster Filter

Holmes Booster Filter can’t be used independently of the main purifier filter.


2. Holmes Total Air Filter

Holmes Total HEPA-Type filter helps remove up to 99% of airborne pollutants. It uses advanced dust eliminating power which delivers 30% better air quality.

It is infused with Arm and Hammer Baking Soda for household odor elimination and compatible with AER1 ready air purifiers like Holmes air purifiers and Bionaire purifiers.

Replaces A Filter, D Filter and K Filter.

Holmes Total Air Filter

The Aer1 Total Air Filter is ideal for any room in your house, as it reduces the need to dust and vacuum often.

It uses an HEPA-Type technology that removes up to 99% of airborne pollutants.

It successfully traps and locks 30% more dust particles from your home, leaving you with an overall fresher cleaner living space for you and your family.


3. Holmes Allergen Remover Filter

The Holmes Allergen Remover Filter from AER1 is ideal for allergy sufferers. With True HEPA filtration removes up to 99.7% of airborne allergens.

It even captures allergens and pollutants such as debris, dust, mold, pet dander, dust mites debris, and even smoke that may cause coughing or sneezing.

It is ideal for bedrooms to reduce airborne allergens, dust mites, and mold that may cause you to cough or sneeze and disturb your sleep.

Holmes Allergen Remover Filter

Compatible with AER1 ready air purifiers. Replaces A Filter, D Filter, K Filter.


4. Holmes Odors Eliminator Filter

The Holmes Odor Eliminator filter from AER1 gives 10x the odor control for eliminating unpleasant household odors.

It removes odors such as smoke, cooking fumes, tobacco, pet odors, and dirty laundry.

It contains a uniquely formulated blend of Carbon, Zeolite, and Arm and Hammer baking soda for superior and efficient odor elimination results.

This filter is ideal for eliminating common household odors that linger, creating fresher, cleaner air and a more enjoyable living space.

Holmes Odors Eliminator Filter

Compatible with all AER1 ready air purifiers. Replaces A Filter, D Filter, K Filter.


5. Holmes Smoke Grabber Filter

The AER1 Holmes Smoke Grabber Air Filter provides triple-layer protection to help remove smoke and odor from smoke in the airstream.

It’s HEPA-type filtration that effectively removes up to 99% of smoke and odor-causing pollutants from the air stream.

It helps reduce harmful pollutants associated with second-hand smoke passing through the filter.

Also, this filter absorbs other noxious odors, such as VOC’s and fumes from household cleaning products. It is infused with Arm & Hammer baking soda for odor elimination.

Ideal for households with smokers.

Holmes Smoke Grabber Filter

For use withBionaire purifier models BAP260, BAP520, BAP815, BAP825, BAP9200, BAP9700, BAP9800.


6. Holmes Performance Plus Filter

The Holmes AER1 Performace Plus Allergen Remover Filter is ideal for reducing allergens in the home.

It captures 99.99% of allergens and pollutants such as mold, dust, dust mites, debris, pet dander and smoke that may cause coughing or sneezing.

Enhanced with mold fighting power, ideal for allergy sufferers.

Holmes Performance Plus Filter replacement


When To Replace Holmes Air Purifier Filters?

HEPA filter needs to be replaced every 12-18 months depending on usage. Filters don’t require cleaning. Just toss your dirty filter into the garbage.



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