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Hamilton Beach Trueair 04234g Replacement Carbon Filter 3 Pack

Buy Hamilton Beach trueair 04234g replacement carbon filter 3 pack which fits into Hamilton Beach true air compact pet air purifier model 04384 and Hamilton Beach true air plug mount model 04530GM.

It can be purchased as 3 filters pack or 12 filters pack.

Hamilton Beach Replacement Carbon Filter is specially designed to filter traps and neutralizes pet odors.

They keep apartment from smelling like dirty cat litter for months at a time, without putting chemicals into the air, which makes them worth their weight in gold. I find it weird that they come in a 3-pack when the Pet Air Purifier takes 2 at a time, but they work and they’re cheap, so I can overlook that. I just buy 2 three-packs at a time, so I have enough to replace the filters 3 times.Buyer

3 Replacement Carbon Filters for Hamilton Beach True Air Odors 04530GM 04532GM 04383 04531GM 04530F 04532GM 04251 04271 04530 04530F...

Charcoal helps remove common household odors such as pet odors, cooking and food odors, and tobacco Replaces the following filters: Hamilton Beach True Air Odors 04530GM 04532GM ...
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